Nightmare Before Christmas: Intergalactic Dance Party
The Shrine Presents

Nightmare Before Christmas: Intergalactic Dance Party

  • Venue:The Shrine
  • Date:Wednesday Oct 31, 2018
  • Doors:7:30 PM
  • Age:21 & Over
  • Prices: ADV   $17.00 DAY OF
There's magic in the air....
Step into Halloween Town and prepare for a scare; a bit of delight, among many ghouls and sprites. Jack Skellington and his friends will guide you through our immersive evening of Performance Arts, Electronic Music, and visual wizardry all to the cinematic theme of the beloved Tim Burton's, Nightmare Before Christmas. With wonder in store, you may never know what you may find to explore. Maybe a tree adorned with boxes wrapped in shining paper, or even small globes of festive nature; jack-o-lanterns abound to bring light to your way, but don't let that smile fool you they are not there to play. You'll find our venue is coated in darkness and purple hue, our ultraviolet wonder and mystery will satisfy your senses as you dive into our hi-story. We have Sally for alchemy and sweetness too, and the children of mischief for playing with you. But never allow their trickery, or you'll be a prisoner in the Oogie cave. He likes to gamble, a game you won't soon forget, you may never play again if you end up playing Oogie Boogie Roulette. The nonsense thickens, to no escape, you'll find ghostly dogs, or a bearded man wearing a peculiar red drape. Much out of place, Christmas invades, in our spooking collaboration we will dazzle you with our performances on and off the stage. Our mayor will keep the mischief continuing in our town, for what is halloween without a smile AND a frown. Our mummies, our skeletons, our bats, and our witches, will be happy to assist you to get off of your benches. We will inspire you to dance, dress up, and to play for its All Hallow's Eve, our VERY favorite day!